The “Lindsay” Bear

Living with a critical illness is a difficult experience for anyone. Whether young or old, these individuals are faced with numerous challenges every day. The B-Strong Fund recognizes this struggle, and wants to bring a little extra support and security to the lives of those in need, and to those whose generosity contributes towards the causes that help. The “Lindsay” Bear provides the comfort you would expect from a GUND® teddy bear. As noted on the ribbon around the bear’s neck and embroidered on both feet, the messages “B-Strong” and “Believe” add further strength for those suffering to keep their spirits and hopes high during their fight. Order your “Lindsay” Bears for only $20 each. All proceeds go towards our on-going support of brain tumour research.

Buy “Lindsay” Bears!

The “Lindsay” Bear was John Cabrelli’s idea.  He found a Gund bear that had “Believe” written one of its paws, written in blue.  It immediately caught his attention and he thought B-Strong would look great on the other paw and the two messages would be a terrific complement.  The ribbon also has B-Strong written on it ever so subtlely.  John and Bill Dawson asked that we get Lindsay out of the house one day for short period. When we returned, the dining was totally decorated with dozens and dozens of Lindsay Bears, to her surprise and delight.