We are delighted to announce that the Town of Markham Council
unanimously approved the proclamation that April 22 be named B-Strong Day.  Approximately 1 year ago a close friend of Lindsay’s (Adam Armstrong) came up with the great idea.  The intent was not only to increase awareness but more importantly to take action to help others that day.  Since Lindsay was always about doing something for other people, we put together a list of suggested actions to assist others not as fortunate or facing challenges.

Possibilities for B-Strong Day :

  • Contact a friend who is ill, just to ask how they are.
  • Contact someone you haven’t spoken to in a while just to ask how they are.
  • Drive someone to a doctor’s appointment.
  • Buy a Lindsay Bear or B-Strong cap and give it to someone facing any sort of challenge.
  • Buy a Lindsay Bear or B-Strong cap and drop it by a hospital to be given to a young patient.
  • Make a donation to The B-Strong Fund to help those fighting brain tumours.
  • Contact any non-profit organization to see what you can to do help them.
  • Since it is also Earth Day, consider planting a tree, bush or flower in memory of someone.

**Reserve the Date:  The 5th B-Strong Bash will take place on September 30, 2011 at Angus Glen Golf Club. **

There are times in life when one is faced with unpredictable challenges. In my case, it was a brain tumour. Challenges like these test one’s strength and courage, but most of all they test how one accepts and deals with these. The only way to deal with these is in a positive way. This experience has totally made me realize that with the right attitude and support, you can truly find a positive view for anything.
Lindsay Bolger, 2005